October 3, 2009

Reset SDM user password

When you open SDM GUI, you will only be prompted with a password with no user required. This uses a default SDM user. You can reset default SDM user password with a command to do your other administrative tasks.


1. You need to redeploy J2EE SDM components but you cannot login to SDM
2. Error loging in to SDM

1. Reset SDM password through sdm [-option] command


1. Open command prompt

2. Go to directory [drive]:/usr/sap/SID/[CI]/j2ee/SDM/

3. Enter command > Stopserver.bat
> This will stop any running SDM instance.

4. Enter command > sdm jstartup "mode=standalone"
> This will start SDM instance in standalone mode where changes in password is enabled.

5. Enter command > sdm changepassword "newpassword=[YOUR NEW PASSWORD HERE]"
> This will set your password to your choice

6. Enter command > sdm jstartup "mode=integrated"
> This will allow integrated activities in SDM

7. Enter command > Startserver.bat
> This will allow you to start SDM GUI server. In experience, you will see error upon starting RemoteGUI.bat if you do not do this.

8. In [drive]:/usr/sap/SID/[CI]/j2ee/SDM/ folder. Open RemoteGUI to Open SDM GUI.

8. Test your new password.

This is part 1 of BB note 004. Hope this helps.